Coaching Staff

The wazalendo executive committee appointed Mr Fidhelis Kimanzi as the head coach. The position fell vacant after the former Wycliffe ongori left to serve at the KHU secretary general. Fidhelis is a highly qualified coach having coached the Kenyan juniour team and Kenyan ladies team. The position of head coach is highly tasking as he will be incharge of the performance of the three teams at WAZA. Kimanzi brings his experience having played in England hockey league and attended hockey courses that have been running by FIH. He will also double as the Main team Coach a position he inherits from last season. Other coaches appointed include Evans Bwogando for Masters team and James Were for Youth team. Evans replaces Wycliffe Ongori and James replaces Moses Majiwa who also has left his role to join KHU as assistant match fixtures secretary. Other appointment include the technical teams who will fall under Kimanzi. They include James Mwangi, Bernard Kubasu for Main team. Job Omondi for Youth team and Eli Mwanzi for Masters.


Wycliffe Ongori

Wycliffe aka “Wicky” is the Head of Coaching and Player Development at Wazalendo Hockey Club. He took the position in 2008 after the long serving Coach Julius “Wabez” Odera retired on medical ground. He is a retired hockey player who during his playing years was among the best strikers Kenya ever had.

Wicky has been instrumental to the development of Wazalendo players in the recent years. This has resulted to the club contesting the Premier league and performing exceptionally well in local tournaments. His strong belief in discipline, commitment and hard work has seen Wazalendo produce players who have gone to present the national team at different age categories. He is well known for his advocacy for developing players from scratch rather than acquiring already developed players as a way of nurturing talent.

A banker by career, Wycliffe has exhibited the virtues of honesty and integrity which has seen Wazalendo develop to be a true template for self-supporting club in the country.

Currently, Wycliffe is also coaching national Ladies Hockey Team.


Fidhelis Kimanzi

Kimanzi, widely known as “Kim”, was appointed assistant to Wycliffe in 2011 after he returned from a short business professional career stint in the UK.

In addition to the coaching role, Kim is also a player, having honed his scoring skills from Wycliffe during later playing days. He has been influential in developing an attacking system of play at Wazalendo. His close partnership with Wycliffe has seen Wazalendo develop programs geared towards the speedy and all-inclusive development at the Academy, youth and senior levels

A highly rated and astute coach, Kim has been involved at the international level as the Head coach for Kenya U21 Ladies national team in 2012 and currently the Head Coach for the Kenya senior ladies National Team since 2013.


Benard Kubasu

Benard joined Wazalendo Hockey Club (then Kenya Breweries) way back in 1996 after completing high school. He has grown in the club to become one of the coaches among other club leadership positions.

A no-nonsense defender during his early days, Ben developed to be a utility player and has been influential in transferring hockey skills to the young players.

A business development manager outside hockey, Ben is also responsible for the player welfare.


James Mwangi

Prior to being named player/coach at Wazalendo, much-travelled James has had a playing stint at Mombasa sports club, Nakuru Athletic Club, Kenya Police and Several clubs in London, UK.

A key member of Wazalendo coaching staff, he is also coaching USIU Ladies team which performed marvellously well in the 2013 Kenyan Hockey premier league.

Mwangi likes staying of out of limelight, but can be found at all Wazalendo matches offering a vital and vastly constructive inspiration and guidance to the players.


Evans Ocharo

Evans acts also as the Team Manager for Wazalendo Hockey Club. As a trained coach, he has long period coaching the academy where he oversaw development of many of the players now in the senior teams.

Evans is an IT consultant and manages to balance his work and coaching responsibilities very well.


Moses Majiwa

Moses apart from being a coach for the academy, he is a founder member of Wazalendo Hockey club and also the Director of Wazalendo Young Players’ Development Program. He was tasked by the by the Club, through is vision to nurture and develop players as young as 6 years old.

Moses joined Wazalendo in 1995 after successfully overseeing the birth of JKUAT’s Wildcat Hockey Club, and developed from a young player to a leader in the club.

For Moses and his team, player holistic development is always the priority, and the focus is on ensuring the young members of Wazalendo Hockey Club are equipped with the knowledge, character and attitude to progress in hockey and by extension in life.

Moses is a shrewd observer of the hockey game whose responsibility sees him involved in all areas of the academy’s activities – Parent consultation, watching games, overseeing training and working closely with coaches to ensure that Wazalendo Academy becomes the most innovative, well-run and sophisticated in Africa.


James Omondi

James “Omosh” Were needs little introduction to Wazalendo fans. He is the son of the former Chairman and currently the Club Patron, Edwin Nyadiga Were. Omosh, picking from his father leadership genes, is now the Chairman of the Wazalendo Hockey Club in addition to his coaching duties at Wazalendo Academy.

He joined Wazalendo as a schoolboy way back in 1995 and has progressed in ranks, from a dependable defender and integral part of Wazalendo team, to his current management position.

Working closely with the Director of Young Players Development program, Omosh had been influential in all coaching strategies at the Academy and the Senior team level.