Match weekend 22-23 March 2014

Wazalendo hockey is your ultimate guide to all the hockey action. Check out this weekends matches below.
Saturday 22nd March 2014
216. National Women Strathmore  Vs MKU 1:30 pm City Park
217. National  Men Parklands Vs Kabarak 3.00 pm City Park
218. Premier Men Parkroad Vs Mvita 4:30 pm City park
 Sunday 23rd March 2014
220. National Women MSC VS Sliders 8:30 am MSC
221. Premier Men Green Sharks Vs Mvita 8.30 am City Park
222. Premier Men Nairobi Simba Vs Western Jaguars 10.00 am City Park
223. National men Daystar Vs Kabarak 11:30 am City Park
224. National Women Orange  Vs MKU 1:00 pm City Park
225. National men Thika Rovers  Vs  Wazalendo Youth 2:30 pm City Park
226. Premier Men USIU-A Vs  Kenya Police 4:00 pm
City Park