Of rumours and speculations…

This is the current state of affairs. There was a match that no one talked about. So below is the outcome.

Wazalendo 5 – 0 Mvita XI. Apparently if you replace Wazalendo with USIU-A the outcome is still the same.

Maybe anyone can see why no one talked about it. Moving on to more interesting stuff, wazalendo were given an invite by the national team for a  friendly match which ended in a way that puts alot to be desired for the national side. This begs the question, “what is the state of national hockey in Kenya as opposed to the club hockey?”.

So the national team is preparing  for some championships in Ghana and I wont claim to be the most informed but anyway in the country of blind men a one eyed man would be king, right? The championships are marred by controversy. Recall October 2012 when the U21 ladies/men teams were in South Africa? One notable thing is that the young lads and their coaches were kicked out of their hotel rooms. Will this be a self proclaimed prophecy with the senior side suffering the same fate?

Fast-forward 2013, there are talks that the Kenya Hockey Association which has been clouded by whispers of  widespread corruption will be holding elections soon. Is this an attempt by the body to put its house in order? Or is it just a rumour mongered to buy time until the Ghana tourney comes to pass?

Its also been said that there is another body seeking registration in-order to manage hockey affairs in the country. This is quite interesting for great displeasure has been felt and expressed from many a hockey players in the country and any form of new governance evokes euphoria.

Again all these are rumours and while we all wait to see what happens in the coming days we can always come back here and check out the national and premier league tables where Wazalendo’s youth team and main team take part respectively .

The views expressed here do not represent the views of wazalendo hockey club.