Player Focus

Interview: Matthew Mutee

Matthew Mutee speaks of the YPDP, his love of Wazalendo Hockey Club how he intends to make his mark on WHC…

1. How long have you been with WHC?

Its been two years. Joined in June 2012 straight after campus.

2. What’s  your experience since you joined WHC.

Just like the club’s motto, it was indeed more than a game. I was given a warm welcome and everyone was ready to offer their support both on and off the pitch.

3. Any highlights that stand out in your stay at WHC?

The YPDP(Young Players Development Program) its been a major sell out and a true manifestation of the club philosophy. The kids involved in this program indeed find themselves excelling not just in hockey but in other aspects of their lives.

4. In your opinion, how different is WHC compared to other hockey clubs/teams you have played in?

I haven’t played in another team. But the answer to the question above definitely set Wazalendo apart.

5. Would you like other top Kenyan players to join you at WHC?

Indeed! This is not just about playing. But for a moment lets assume it is. The club boasts of international coaches coupled with a clearly laid out management structure. Being more than a game means the members look out for each other.

6. Where do you see WHC in the coming years?

I see a club with 3 teams playing in the National men’s league, Men’s Premier league and the ladies national league. I foresee a period of complete dominance in the Kenyan hockey scene(and I definitely want to be a part of that force.