Procrastination is the son of all evil

This is a guest post by one of the club members and a player in the national league side. Its originally appeared on the blog  back in January 2014 but still very relevant.


January is over, Thank God. Like my candy crush addicted colleague, there are so many positives to draw from the fact that this month is gone. First he hasn’t played candy crush since the year started so that’s why he feels it’s an important milestone to him. As any year starts, heads are held high with hope and optimism of what lies ahead. Promises are made to oneself and loved ones of things to do and others to avoid. Sometimes the greatest challenge is starting something new. We may be tempted to procrastinate month in month out while living in our comfort zones as the year moves by.

 If you have a set of goals set this year in the techie context, please start now. It’s even better that its at the end of the month, presenting a perfect moment to look back at your performance so far into the year.

  1. If you want to learn how to build web applications this is the perfect opportunity. Start by visiting and find an awesome introduction kit.

  2. If you want to learn about building mobile phone applications, visiting will give you a head start.

  3. If you’d wanted to subscribe to a really cool techie blog then start by subscribing to my blog. :-).

  4. If you had questions you wanted answered by real pros, not amateurs trying to be helpful, start by creating an account on and ask them.

The list above can keep on growing on the number of things one would like to do but hasn’t started for reasons best known to them. On a different note, don’t forget to backup your personal data. There can be a long list of items to be backed-up but here’s some of them:-

  • Contacts on the phone – There are so many applications available especially for android phones.
  • Data on the Laptop (Especially those priceless holiday one) -Talk of DropBoxSkyDriveFlickr e.t.c.
  • Code (For developers) – GitHub or BitBucket.

Uncertainty is countered by insurance. The only  sure way to insure against data loss is by backing up your data. So today dont procrastinate creating copies of your data another day lest something happens and you lose it all(God forbid).


Default is the mother of all evil