The AGM 2013 report

The year is well and truly underway. The talk of fireworks and festivities is a thing of the past and if anything is worth talking about in those circles it’s the January blues. A good thing though to talk about is the brightness and promise of prosperity that comes with any new year. Resolutions are set with a view to start things while dropping others in the process. Wazalendo hockey club members have hence not been left behind. This past Sunday all the members congregated at the highway secondary school for the Annual General Meeting.

The meeting was scheduled immediately after the usual Sunday training. It started at around 2 P.M with a word of prayer from Philip Simiyu. Then the incumbent chairman Mr. Benard Kubasu prompted Douglas the vice captain to read the minutes of the previous AGM. When done the minutes were confirmed as true. The session that followed involved reports from various committees.

The chairman started by giving his and particularly thanked all the members for the support they had given him all year long in 2012. The next report was the youth development report given by Engineer Majiwa. A stand out feature was that with good guidance, talent was bound to bear fruits as manifested by Wazalendo’s representation in the national under 21 team by Chege and Nelson. Then followed the team manager’s report which was read by coach Kimanzi for the team manager was not in attendance. Kimanzi then went on to give his report on behalf of the technical committee. One notable trend was that there was a consistency on both the main and second team. This was observed in the numbers which clearly shown that both teams had performed slightly above average in the concluded season.

The financial report elicited a lot of reactions which were understandable. The financial report is confidential and is provided only in a “need to know” basis.

After a proposition by the Chairman of the board of trustees Douglas Ochong, it was unanimously agreed that elections will be held on biennial basis and hence only the vacant seats were filled.

For more information on the outcome of the AGM 2013 please get in touch with any of the persons listed in the club contacts section.