Wazalendo youth were at it this past weekend with a double fixture against Kenyatta University and Daystar University. Of course with the notion of a university side not resting very well at the back of their minds, they sought to end the season in style. Having lost to yet another student side in the mid week fixture this was a great opportunity to reclaim their bruised egos.

But what exactly happened that at the back of two magnificent wins they succumbed to a team (MKU) not fancied by many. This is the game that has been postponed the most in the in the league having been called off 3 times mostly due unfavorable to weather conditions. This created a lot of discourse and many players had to cancel their flights with other missing theirs. And so when the game was finally called and happened for sure, the parable of the boy, the wolf and his sheep came to applications. Wazalendo youth team didn’t raise enough members but they had to play anyway. They actually played better but there was just as far that 9 players out of 11 can handle. As they say the rest is history as they went on to lose the match by 2 goals.

Anyway getting back to the weekend matches wazalendo were more like a team which had lost its players through injury and now all were recovered. It was however surprising that the players who had started in the midweek match kept their slot for the floodlit match against Kenyatta University.  The rationale was they would be rested, but the coach had his reasons and for sure they paid off. For in the match ended 1-0 in favour of wazalendo thanks to a Benard Kubasu goal in the second half. This was much that it sounds here. It was the first ever win for the national league debutants.

Everyone thrilled and exhausted in equal measure, all dispersed to their respective places ahead of the season finale on Sunday at 1.00pm. Juxtaposition was clearly manifested before the beginning of this game. Daystar university players arrived early and headed straight to their dressing room. Chants could be heard from a distance. On the other hand wazalendo players arrived mostly accompanied by female companions. It seemed more of a Sunday day out than a season ender. All sorts of banter could be heard as they prepared for the final game. Quite contrasting auras in the two camps.

The flair before the game seemed to translate in the field when wazalendo scored what is the fastest goal of the season. However that goal seemed to let complacency cripple their play and this saw the Daystar University equalize towards the close of the first half.  The second half saw wazalendo get back to their own brilliant selves and this is all I got to say; I have never seen such a team play so well and with such intensity. Elly’s goal won the day with Wazalendo registering two wins in two in one weekend, a fete they had failed to achieve all season long.

Earlier in my wazalendo musings, you must have come along the vision by the club chairman that their vision was to finish at the top half of the table. The vision has been realized and the team is looking more cohesive. It’s a team with a bright future and for sure it’s one of the teams to watch come the following season. Recall that this is their maiden season hence from a neutrals perspective, it’s a great achievement. Therefore we from the editorial board wish everyone all the best as they prepare for the various off season tournaments.