Wazalendo 7s

Sevens Tournament

This weekend (16th and 17th), all roads lead to Highway Secondary School, traditional training grounds for the Wazalendo Hockey Club (WHC). In what is lining up to be an exciting, fun-filled weekend of non stop hockey action, preparations are in high gear for a one of kind internal 7-aside tournament where 8 teams have set their sights to clinching the much coveted trophy and definite bragging rights until the next showdown. It will be a mixture of experience and fresh talent as the teams look to outdo each other on the field at this 2nd edition of the tournament.

Teams will comprise of a mixture of 7 players from all the 3 groups namely the academy, youth and first team, in the following format:

1 Seasoned Player

2 First Team Players

2 Youth Team Players

2 Academy Players

Considering that all the teams consist of purely Wazalendo players, it goes a long way to show how far WHC has grown. From back in the mid-90s when it was a huge task getting even one team to a time when 8 teams can be set up with a handful others to spare. This is indeed a true reflection of the journey of growth that WHC has gone through; a successfully journey indeed.

While speaking to wazalendohockey.co.ke, club chairman, James Omondi said, “Such activities and events have a significant positive impact on enhancing communication, solidarity and team spirit among Wazalendo Hockey Club and I am pleased that we are to have this tournament,”

“Most of our academy and youth players are on their school holidays and we would like to spend time with them and mentor them. The senior players normally don’t have much time to mentor or interact the younger upcoming players due to league commitments. Such tournaments give them a forum to do so”, Omondi added

The showdown commences from 9.00 am local time. Not only will there be high-paced entertaining hockey, but also available in plenty will be fun-filled activities to keep the families and friends in attendance occupied and thoroughly entertained. Highway Sec. Sch. is definitely the place to be this weekend!