Wazalendo Hockey Social Transformation Program Bears Fruits

Over the weekend of 28th of February to 1st March 2015 Wazalendo Hockey Club was out in the Rift Valley town of Nakuru at Menegai High School to participate in the 2015 edition of Nakuru Hockey Festival Tournament organised by Nakuru Sikh Hockey Club. Well, Wazalendo did not just win the tournament but also got a chance to showcase the fruits of its social transformation program. Two of the members of the team that won the tournament are pioneers of the Wazalendo Young Players development program namely Stanley Chege and Festus Kamanja but more than that, they are brothers. Stanley Chege, a former national under 21 player is currently a First Year student at Mount Kenya University and we will be telling more about him later.


Festus Kamanja (2nd left on the front row) and Stanley Chege (3rd Left in the back row)

Festus Kamanja, being the elder of the two brothers did not only help the club carry the winners trophy but he exemplified and also demonstrated what it means to inspire raw talents to greater achievements. Festus just graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the United States International University-A (USIU-A) in August 2014.


Festus (1st left on the front row), Stanley Chege (2nd right on the front row)

Back in the year 2004, Festus was a naive young lad admiring the medals and trophy that Wazalendo Hockey Club had just won in that years Nairobi hockey league played at Nairobi Sikh club along Forest road. He went through the Wazalendo Young Players development program that shaped his hockey skills and life ambitions. This helped him win a partial sports scholarship for his academic pursuits at USIU-A. During his four year stint at the University, he won several accolades with the university hockey team.

Today Festus is not only wining trophies for his club Wazalendo, he is also armed with a life changing tool, the BSc. Degree in Accounting courtesy of his prowess in Hockey. There is no other way to say it save through action. There is hockey talent in Kenya and hockey is more than just a game at Wazalendo hockey club, it’s a tool for transforming the lives of people. Festus apart from wining trophies for the club is looking forward to clinching a good job so as to help improve the life of his family. He comes from a humble background and his father is a subordinate staff at Highway Secondary school, the home of Wazalendo Hockey Club. Festus looks forwards to inspiring more children to follow his path and excel both in Hockey and in life thereby achieving the objective of the social transformation program at Wazalendo. We wish him all the success and we will be there to celebrate all the achievements with pride knowing that he is a pillar of the success of the club. Kudos Festus for leading by example.

Article by Moses Majiwa (Director of the Young Players Development Program – Now on Sabbatical for further studies).