Wazalendo Hockey Youth Programme Development Award Winners

Details of award

Ethans Holmes Proprietor of Holmes Water ( http://www.holmeswatertanks.com.au/) tank based in Australia Donated set of kits (Hockey sticks and Shoes) and helped with fees awards to Wazalendo youth programme development programmes held in Nairobi Kenya on 21st April 2016. In a ceremony where the clubs members witnessed various members of the academy receive awards from the clubs management committee on behalf o Mr Holmes.

Engineer Moses Majiwa who is the Director of the programme had the following to say (in absentia) to the team.

Wazalendo has opened an opportunity for young people to pursue their passion in hockey and through it gain invaluable education in top schools. The schools also give them an opportunity to travel and interact with various people both in and outside the country depending on their effort at playing hockey. Hard work, determination and focus on what the coaches and teachers guide them to do will help them achieve more. Despite their background, with good attitude and humility they can still make it in life just like we have seen people pass through Wazalendo and making it in life. This is therefore a God given opportunity, let them seize it and we as wazalendo will be happy to see them change the lives of their families one person at a time. We are looking for a time in the future when a whole family will move from Mukuru to say Holland courtesy of their son or daughter who has excelled in hockey to the extent that they have become professional players in Europe, Italy or wherever it may be in the world. And this is not just a dream, it is possible. so let them set their eye on higher achievement and not always look at their disadvantages which can always be overcome. This small token from Ethan demonstrates to us that lack of fees or equipment is not an issue, our attitude is what will determine our altitude. All the best as everyone works hard at what they are doing, be it in primary school or in secondary school, when you do well, sponsors will always come to help you. In return, account well for the sponsorship and you will receive even greater reward. I hope this token will motivate all at Wazalendo to put in that extra effort to see these young kids succeed. I also believe that the hockey fraternity will also be motivated by what we are doing at Wazalendo and therefore embrace the same so that we may build a large pool of players that will propel the country to greater heights in future. Together as hockey family we can make it just like Rugby is making it.

On his part the clubs CMC chairmen James Were thanked both the parents and members of the academy for the efforts they were keeping to see the vision of the programme bear its fruit.

Fees award to:

James Nzioka 


He performed well in KCSE managing Grade B. He was chosen because he will serve as an example to the other kids and encourage them to also do well in school

Ian Murioki 


He is average in school but very committed in school and hockey never misses any training session and shows improvement both at school and in the game

Ian Olando


School commitment is good and has been improving. His hockey has indeed improved and he is our future for certain.

Allan Munene


Bright in school has always been no 1 with average 350/500 marks he is in class eight and we trust that he will perform well. His award shall however be kept for him to be paid once he joins form one.

Caroline Mutunga


She is very disciplined and good at school too. She has represented her school in nationals since they joined the school with Mongare Esther.

Donna K


She loves hockey and she encourages the other girls to attend training she is also displined and works hard in school

Caroline Wanza


She is good at school but school fees is her main challenge. She will be elated by this recognition.


This event is sponsored by Holmes Water Tanks

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