Wazalendo names ACCC provisional squad

On the 31st of May 2020, Wazalendo hockey club held its second town hall meeting via online video meeting platform zoom. This meeting was held on a lazy Sunday afternoon when members would usually be dog-tired after an intense and rigorous training session from around 9.00 in the morning.

These kinds of meetings have become the new normal as currently members cannot meet face to face nor have any physical meetings due to the regulations imposed by the government to combat CoVID-19 pandemic. It was an open meeting and all the members were eligible to participate. The first town hall meeting had been held on 17th may 2020

These meetings are usually meant to be a platform where members can interact with each other, do follow ups and strategize. On the aspect of strategizing, the main item has been the ACCC competition that is supposed to be held later on in the year. The clubs preparation for the event has been running smoothly after appointment of committee dedicated to spearhead logistics.

The meeting kicked off at around 1.00 pm, and the moderator for the day was one Peter Karanja. One of the highlights of the meeting was the naming of the ACCC provisional squad by the club’s head coach, Fidhelis Kimanzi after consultations with other members of the technical team.

The provisional squad has 40 members drawn from all the club’s three teams. It is from these 40 players that the final squad to fly the club’s flag will be chosen later on in the year. The premier league side had all of its 27 registered members named while the remaining 13 players were selected from the super and national league teams on basis of merit and their current performances.

The list consisted of 3 goalkeepers and 37 outfield players. The naming of this provisional squad was an important milestone as now selected members now knew their status and could now plan for a comprehensive training that has been shared consistently by the head coach after the meeting.
Members during the meeting were all in agreement with the composition of the squad and the named players were required to step up their individual training sessions in preparation. During the meeting a host of other issues were also discussed by the members which touched on the club’s internal affairs.


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