Wazalendo seek Sh 7million to feature in Africa Club show

Wazalendo needs at least Sh7 million to prepare effectively for the African Cup of Club Championship scheduled for Blantyre, Malawi later this year.

The amount will cover the costs for training, travel, accommodation and players kit as well as equipment as Wazalendo seek to make their debut in the tourney.

The team finished second behind defending champions Butali Warriors to book their ticket for the prestigious tourney. Due to their financial constraints, the self supporting club will this Sunday launch the ‘Mchanga Platform’ to raise funds towards the ACCC tournament at the City Park Stadium.

“As a club, we rely heavily on contributions from our members to support our annual budget for participation in various KHU leagues and tournaments. Given that a majority of our members are college students, the income is hardly enough to sustain our programs and is supplemented by donations from friends and well-wishers,” the club pleaded.

“Now that we have a major tournament ahead, it requires us to go a step further in seeking support for this great feat. We intend to raise our modest budget of Sh6.81 million through Mchanga Platform.”

Wazalendo arrived late for the tournament in 2007 and was forced to play friendly matches. None of Blazers, USIU Spartans, Butali and Police attended last year’s show piece. Blazers and USIU-A have also qualified.

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