The Wazalendo Young Player Development Programme received a generous donation from Stichting Kenya Youth Hockey Development. This funding was spearheaded by Erik van der Dussen on behalf of the Stichting. The donations included Hockey sticks, Hockey tracksuits, socks, hockey shoes, kits both shorts and jerseys as well as hockey stick grips. The donation consignment came from Breda, Netherlands. It was handed over to the Wazalendo YPD Director at their training grounds in south B on the 23rd August, 2021.

Some of the donated equipments from Stichting Kenya Youth Hockey Development
Wazalendo 1990

The event that was graced by Wazalendo officials, among them James Were who is the clubs’ Secretary-General and a former director of the Young Player Development, Gabriel, the current director of the Young Player Development programme and Evans B’ogwambo the facilities and maintenance manager as well as several young players who were overwhelmed as the received the kits and equipment.

Erik handing over the kits to the Young Players.
Wazalendo 1990

Erik asked the young players who benefited from the funding to work extra hard and improve in their academics’ side as well as the sporting side. “Through sports, you should perform even better and higher “he added. The Wazalendo Development consists of students aged 10 to 17 years of age both in Primary and secondary schools.
Wazalendo 1990

The support stretches through even after one completes his high schools’ studies. Many individuals who have been in the development program have acquired University and College scholarships through the sport. With this advantage, the students were urged to perform their best both in their academics and extra curriculum activities.

Young players in their new kits
Wazalendo 1990

Erik van der Dussen finally concluded that the young players should stay out of trouble and focus on the right things.

Erik and the young players having a talk.
Wazalendo 1990




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