Wizglobal Kenya Limited selfless act


Wizglobal Kenya Limited selfless act.

As the African Cup of Club Championship inches closer every day, the Wazalendo fraternity has ensured that people from all walks of life are involved in ensuring that their team participates fully in the championship.

This comes after the men’s team that plays in the premier league rank took the first runners up position in the 2019 season. That gave them an automatic qualification for the African Cup of Club Championship that is scheduled in late November and early December 2020.

Being a self-sponsored club and the largest in the country with over 100 membership subscribers, the club aims at not only having the players travel for the championship but also the other players who play for the Wazalendo Masters and Youth respectively.

These are the players who transition to the premier league team once they prove themselves worthy to compete at that level.

Wazalendo main team after clenching first runners up position in the KHU2019 Season. /Image: file

With the constraints in funds yet a tournament at hand, many well-wishers have been chipping in and aid in ensuring that the team gets to travel to Malawi for this tournament.

WizGlobal has ensured that these young men’s dream is achieved-playing at the African club championship level. Through the WizGlobal Kenya team leader, Zack Githinji, the organization has handed over a cheque of Kenya shillings 50,000.00 to Wazalendo Hockey Club towards the purchase of a set of uniform for the team for the tournament.

This was done at the City Park Hockey Stadium and overseen by a number of officials from the Wazalendo Hockey Club, players’ representatives, officials from the Kenya Hockey Union, and press coverage from Kenya Broadcasting Corporation(KBC).

Zack Githinji presenting the Ksh 50,000 to the Wazalendo Hockey Club/ Photo: Danstone Wabwire

Zack Githinji said that a win for Wazalendo in the club championship will be a win for Kenya too.
He urged the Kenya Hockey Union to push the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Arts to support the hockey talent especially the fresh talent that is sourced from the high schools.

Zack Githinji, Team Leader WizGlobal Kenya Limited. /Photo: Danstone Wabwire

WizGlobal Kenya Limited, a leading solution provider for Water Billing and Revenue Systems, Bulk E-Mail and SMS, Unit trust and Pension Schemes applications,

has been supporting Wazalendo Hockey Club for 10 years now and this was more than a noble act for the Wazalendo team.

The Wazalendo officials and players during the cheque presentation from WizGlobal Kenya Limited. /Photo: Danstone Wabwire.

The Wazalendo Hockey board chairman, Douglas Ochong, pointed out the need for having enough resources and being able to participate effectively in the tournament.

He urges the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Arts to give guidance on the resumption of the sport. This was sparked by the notice issued by the Ministry on the resumption of sporting activities.

Unfortunately, hockey has not obtained the green light to resume as it falls under contact sport in the low-risk category. Ochong also pinpointed that there will be a program launched for Wazalendo Hockey Club supporters in the forthcoming week.

Douglas Ochong, left standing: Chairman Wazalendo Hockey Club/Photo Danstone Wabwire. /Photo: Danstone Wabwire.

Wycliffe Ongori represented the president of Kenya Hockey Union, acknowledged that the union is in support of the team, and is glad that the men’s team shall be represented in this year’s edition of the African Cup of Club Championship.

The last time there was a participating men’s team from Kenya counts back to nearly three years ago. He also affirmed that the union is going to seek the ministry’s intervention so that the players can resume training purposes for this mission.

Wycliffe Ongori, Kenya Hockey Union Secretary General/Photo: Danstone Wabwire. /Photo: Danstone Wabwire.

The Wazalendos’ head of the ACCC Committee, Moses Majiwa, added that the team has been following phases one and two of guidelines provided by the ministry regarding sports resumption.

Both individual and small group training activities have been implemented. With less than 40 days to go, there is a need for sufficient time to do intensive training to finish either top three or four.

In the meantime, this is hard to achieve with the current situation. Majiwa pleads with the ministry to clear them and give the go head to train as a team. He requested the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Arts in conjunction with the government of Kenya to chip in and help the players go to Malawi.

The Wazalendo Club has come together and supported the less privileged people in the club and especially those that have been affected by the covid-19. The club is following guidelines to crossover to large group training and has presented its guidelines to the ministry for assessment.

Moses Majiwa on the clubs’ readiness for the Malawi Mission. /Photo: Danstone Wabwire

For the well-wishers and any party that is willing to chip in on smoothening the Wazalendos Mission to Blantyre- Malawi there is more information provided in the ACCC 2020.

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